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Everything began like a tale: Once upon a time there was a teacher, who was dreaming about how she is going to spend the silver days of her life on her wonderfully situated full-green site in Nemesbük . She was also wondering how she is going to bring back to life that ruined country-cottage,how she is going to keep the natural beauty of the garden, she has already imagined how she is going to take a deep breath of fresh air every morning, listen to the birds, and teach her grandchidren how to love nature. But as the time has arrived, she simply had no more power. Then she told her 3 children: I give my empire to that person, who makes my dream come true.  Came the third and she finally decided to share the experience with every nature-wonderer who can enjoy the sun, the air, the breeze so natural just like trees, flowers, birds and every creature do.

That is the story how the "Angela-Farm" Naturist camping opened his gates to nature-wonderers in Nemesbük in 1996. 

You can find in West-Hungary - 9 km far from Keszthely, the capital of Lake Balaton - the village Nemesbük. Today it is still a very characteristic little village, situated approximately 4 km-s far north of Hévíz-Thermalsee. His simplicity has not been reached by the city-rush. The traffic increases only in summer on the main road of the village when tourists visit the wonderfully constructed, well-known Thermalbath in Kehidakustány, 4 km - s far from the camping. Natives and foreigners also buy properties here because of the world famous thermal bath in Hévíz. The modern Kolping Family Holiday Center in Alsópáhok is only 7 km far from here. The fact that Nemesbük is closed to the capital of lake Balaton Keszthely and the Lake Balaton makes the village attractive. On this part of the lake free strand " LIBÁS" can be found where bathing is gratis. One of many sights in Keszthely the fabolous castle Festetics is a significant building of the town that offers programs all year long.

Around Nemesbük taking a stroll is always possible. The next sights can be reached by car in 30 minutes. For example : Rezi-Tátika-Fort ; underground cave lake in Tapolca;....

The Naturist Camping "Angela Farm" was opened in 1996. Only 4 km from Hévíz-Bath and 9 km from Lake-Balaton. The "Angela Farm" is a quiet, nature-close, naturist camping in the middle of nature, surrounded by forests, and with a lot of sunshine. It has a wonderful panorama and beautiful location. Briefly: a hidden paradise. It's location is still frequent: the thermalbaths of Hévíz and Kehidakustány, the coast of the Lake Balaton in Keszhely are only 5 minutes driving away. The complete area of the camping is 1,6 ha.The camp has 6 woodenhouses and 3 apartement in fix houses also. The 20 terraced tent-places offers enough place for cars, caravans and tents as well.

More offers : apartement, woodenbungalows, camping places, sauna , infra-red therapy, massage, outdor-pool, pub...




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